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If you are an early stage startup, or a founder, feeling sick of hiring people who don't work out or experiencing a lack of operational momentum. You are in the right place.

Want a product & design leader experienced in ops, strategy, & people? Someone tech savvy & ready to roll up their sleeves...

Business success requires effective systems, people willing to roll up their sleeves, a product or service people love.

Most businesses don't admit their structure, systems, and personal are holding them back until it's too late! What kind of business are you?


Business success requires effective systems, people willing to roll up their sleeves, a product or service people love.

I have designed software, and led product development, for companies at every stage: boot-strapping, funded startups, $300M in revenue, billion dollar valuations, and publicly traded firms. I've seen many opportunities and many mistakes.

I now lead Design, Product & Operations for Otto. Our SaaS Marketplace brings auto rentals in emerging markets online through business software.

I also work with Founders and Startups like YOU, to identify areas of improvement in your business. I can stay on board (fractionally) to implement short-, medium-, and long-term solutions.

If my experience & offers sound valuable to you, or a founder you know, I'd love to talk more.


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Innovation Fellow
UNC Chapel Hill (2015-2016)

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Awarded Bay Area Innovation Fellowship while serving as on the Chancellor Innovation Committee. Was also selected to the Adam's Apprenticeship for rising entrepreneurs.

BS Business Administration in 3yrs

Investment Analyst
Vejo + Coster-Lake Ventures, 2017

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Helped Angel Investment group "Costner-Lake" ventures with diligence and research on the investment that would become Vejo, while getting certified as a Full-stack software engineer.

All plans can easily be upgraded, downgraded, paused, or canceled.

Product Strategist & BD
Talentbyte, 2017-2018

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Helped Talentbtye, a Finland & Estonian startup studio pivot into becoming dedicated product & engineering teams.

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